Pinelli, Bartolomeo (1781-1835)

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Bartolomeo Pinelli, Italian designer and engraver, was born and died in Rome in 1781-1835. He studied first in Bologna, and then in school of F.Giani in Rome. His first collection of engravings was published in 1809 and represents "50 Picturesque Costumes" very popular between tourists in Rome of that epoch. His other famous series were "Briganti" (1818-1819) and "Seven hills and views of Rome" (1827). Pinelli's favorite themes were costumes of classic ages, derived directly from Roman monuments and everyday life of Roman people: True Roman descent (1820, Rome, Mus.di Roma); and endless illustrations for: Meo Patacca (1823); Eneide (1811), Divine Comedy (1825-26), Free Jerusalem (1827), Furious Orland (1829), Don Quixote (1833), Roman history (1816), Stories of Muzio Scevola, of Attilio Regolo, of Orazio Coclite, and of Virginia (1833-34).

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