Pino, Marco dal (circa1525-circa1587) (Marco da Siena)

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Marco dal Pino, named Marco da Siena, Italian painter and architect, was born in Costalpino, Siena in circa 1525 and died in Naples in circa 1587. He went in Rome and in 1546 worked with Perin del Vaga in Castel S.Angelo. He tried to join the composition solutions of Raphael's and Michelnagelo's modes: Resurrezione (Rome, Oratorio del Gonfalone). In 1557 Marco moved to Naples where influenced by Spanish and Nordic artists executed: Assunzione and Adorazione dei Magi (1570, Naples, Santi Severino e Sossio); Conversione di San Paolo (Palermo, Arcivescovado); Adorazione dei Magi (Naples, Mus.di Capodimonte).

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