Plan Your Trip to Rome In 48 Hours

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Plan Your Trip to Rome In 48 Hours, Italy

Everybody arrives in Rome with a wealth of knowledge, images and stories accumulated in the course of a lifetime. Anybody is able to mention, maybe with a slight effort, its most famous monuments and the protagonists of its history. This is perhaps the key to the charm of a city that seems to invite every visitor to feel part of its complex reality and its millennial history. This is an invitation to explore Rome and to build an image of it as complete as possible, that can be confronted with the city of our imagination in an exciting and evocative journey.

If you are planning a brief stay in Rome and would like some tips on how to spend your time here, select the recommended itinerary.

First day

The first itinerary you may starts from

  1. St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican City (A),
  2. goes on to Castel S.Angelo (B)
  3. then, crossing the Tiber,
  4. gets to Piazza Navona (C) ,
  5. next to the Pantheon(D) ,
  6. and finally, passing through Piazza Colonna,
  7. ends up in Piazza di Spagna (E).

Full Details about First Day Trip to Rome In 48 Hours (Vatican City, Castel S.Angelo, Piazza Navona, Pantheon & Piazza di Spagna through Piazza Colonna)

Second day

  1. Starting from the Colosseum (F) ,
  2. walking along Via dei Fori Imperiali (G)
  3. to the Roman Forum (H)/li>
  4. and from there, crossing Piazza Venezia,
  5. to the Campidoglio (I)
  6. the Capitoline Museums and the Vittoriano.

Full Details about Second day Trip to Rome In 48 Hours (Colosseum, Fori Imperiali, Roman Forum, Campidoglio, Capitoline Museums and the Vittoriano)

panorama Rome City

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