Ponte (Bridge) Flaminio/ Museo (Museum) Torretta Valadier, Rome

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Ponte (Bridge) Flaminio/ Museo (Museum) Torretta Valadier, Rome

This bridge was built in 1939-51 with the pause between 1943 and 1947. It is made of reinforced cement, has seven arches and is 292m long and 40m wide. It serves as the entrance to the city from the north.

This is one of Rome’s unknown gems because not many people know that the tower that is on the bridge is actually a small museum/art gallery named - Torretta Valadier - Museo Torretta Valadier; a museum on the bridge. This bridge with an ancient, weathered stone archway (Ponte Flaminio) was the oldest bridge in Rome.

You are able to see different types of arts and sometimes there are special events or a different variety of artists, but in the cases of events you may even find that every Sunday during a specific month you can enjoy wine tasting, not to mention the fantastic view from up there!
stone archway (Ponte Flaminio) bridge.jpg
Ponte (Bridge) Flaminio
Torretta Valadier - Museo (Museum) Torretta Valadier
Via Flaminia 872
00191, Rome, Lazio, Italy
Subway: Metro A
Shown By Map A Zone As "22"
Responsabile Cultura P.O. Paola Sturba
Tel: 06.69620601
Email: paol...@comune.roma.it
More Info: http://www.torrettavaladier.org/

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