Ponte (Bridge) Sisto/ Aurelio/ Antonino - Bridge of Gianicolense (Janiculum)

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This is an ancient Ponte Gianicolense (Bridge of Janiculum), also known as Ponte Aurelio or Ponte Antonino. It was rebuilt probably on the same piers by Sixtus IV. The primitive Roman bridge was built around 180-200 A.D. by Marcus Aurelius or by Caracalla and was restored by Valentinian who also erected on the left end of it a triumphal arch. The bridge fell down in 792, and only Sixtus IV took care about its reactivation.

Ponte (Bridge) Sisto/ Aurelio/ Antonino - Bridge of Gianicolense (Janiculum), rome
The project of the new bridge is attributed to B.Pontelli, and the works were conducted by Matteo da Castello and Vignola.

The hole in the central pier served as a controller of the level of water during the floods, when the river side walls were not built yet. When the water was entering this hole it was a sign that the river is going to penetrate the urban part and the lowest inhabited zones of the city.

The bridge was built in 1475 for the Holy Year to give one more way across the Tiber for pilgrims directed to St Peter's. The overcrowded bridge Ponte S.Angelo could not be the only bridge on the way of pilgrimage any more, because the Jubilee of 1450 cost numerous lives of people smashed in a crowd on Ponte S.Angelo or sank in Tiber.

Ponte Sisto (Bridge of Sixtus) is 108m long and 11m wide. It has four stone arches and it is 108 m (120 yd) long and 11 m (12 yd) wide. The bridge has the characteristic humpbacked shape and presents a large round whole framed in travertine at its center. The hole is an outlet for the waters on the occasion of floods and has always been used by the Romans as an accurate indicator of the dangerousness of the waters. Unless it is flooded by the surges, the Trastevere Quarter has nothing to fear.

Ponte (Bridge) Sisto/ Aurelio/ Antonino - Bridge of Gianicolense (Janiculum)
Piazza Trilussa
00153 , Ghetto, Rome, Lazio, Italy
Zone: Rione Trastevere (Gianicolo) (Roma centro)
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