Ponte Rotto/ Emilio (Broken/ Emilio Bridge)

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What is remained from an original construction is an arch belonging to the Ponte S.Maria or Ponte Senatorio, which after two previous collapses was reconstructed in the epoch of Gregory XIII (before 1575) on the rests of the ancient bridge Ponte Emilio. The latter was erected in 179 b.C. in help to near by standing and more ancient bridge Ponte Sublicio.

ancient bridge Ponte Emilio
Ponte Emilio was bearing the name of its constructor consul Marcus Aemilius Lepidus who also gave the name to a Basilica Emilia on the Forum.

A dramatic flood of 1598 took away an arch of the bridge which was substituted with the wooden trusses and in the 19th century with the iron span. But it was destroyed again for the construction of the new bridge Ponte Palatino together with the other two arches of the original bridge.

The only piece of Ponte Emilio survived after all these changes is a present arch which was given the name Ponte Rotto, meaning "Broken Bridge".
Ponte Rotto, meaning Broken Bridge - to connect the Tiberina Island
Ponte Rotto/ Emilio (Broken/ Emilio Bridge) was the first one to connect the Tiberina Island with one of the banks of the Tiber river. It is 57 m (63 yd) long and 5.5 m (6 yd) wide. Horace the poet remembers it as the place from where persons in despair jumped into the river. In the Middle Agesit was called “Ponte dei Giudei” (Bridge of the Jews) due to the nearby Ghetto. It is also called “Ponte dei Quattro Capi” (Bridge with Four Heads) due to the presence of four marble busts at its four heads.

Ponte Rotto/ Emilio (Broken/ Emilio Bridge)
Lungotevere dei Pierleoni
00186, Rome, Lazio, Italy
Zone: Rione Sant'Angelo (Portico Ottavia-Teatro Marcello) (Roma centro)
Ponte Rotto/ Emilio (Broken/ Emilio Bridge) is Shown By "Map J Zone" As "14"
Bus: H - 23 - 63 - 280 - 630 - 780
Tram: service 8
Metro Subway: service B, stop Circo Massimo

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