Ponzio, Flaminio (1559/60-1613)

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Flaminio Ponzio, Italian architect, was born in Viggiu', Varese in 1559/60 and died in Rome in 1613. Together with C.Maderno, he was one of the most interesting personalities in the beginning of the 17th century. The protection of the family Borghese and of the pope Paul V, in particular, who nominated Ponzio the architect of the Vatican Palaces, assured a great number of orders for important architectonic constructions, among them is enlarging of the Palazzo Borghese (facade on the via Ripetta, 1605-1607); Casino di Villa Borghese (1609-1613); Cappella Paolina in S.Maria maggiore (1605-1611); fountain Acqua Paola on the Janiculum (1610, in collaboration with G.Fontana); and the church San Sebastiano (1612, finished by G.Vasanzio).

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