Porta (Gate) Salaria/ Salara

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Porta (Gate) Salaria/ Salara

The Porta (Gate) Salaria/ Salara was built before the 5th century and existed till the 20th century. It was notably damaged by the shelling of September 20, 1870 and then reconstructed by V.Vespignani. But in 1921 it was definitely destroyed together with a long tract of the city walls to open the square Piazza Fiume. Incorporated in the towers of the gate were found various tombs. Should be noticed Palazzo della Rinascente located on Piazza Fiume,a good example of modern architecture appropriate by volume, material and color to the Roman walls in front of it. It is work of architects F.Albini and F.Helg. On right of the walls near the square are remains of 1st century BC tombs.

Porta (Gate) Salaria/ Salara, Via Salaria, Via Aniene, rome
Porta Salaria was greatly damaged in 1870 by the artillery of the Italian army. A new gate was built after the annexation of Rome to the Italian Kingdom, but a few years later it was pulled down to allow an easier flow of traffic to new housing developments along Via Salaria.

The Via Salaria owes its name to the Latin word for "salt", since it was the route by which the Sabines came to fetch salt from the marshes at the mouth of the Tiber. Some historians consider the Salaria and the trade in salt to have been the origin of the settlement of Rome. Some remains still exist of the mountain sections of the road.

Porta (Gate) Salaria/ Salara
Via Salaria, Via Aniene, 14
00198, Rome, Lazio, Italy
Zone: Quartiere Trieste (Roma nord)
Porta (Gate) Salaria/ Salara is Shown By "Map F Zone" As "4"
Tel: +39 06 8535 7285

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