Porta (Gate) San Giovanni

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Pope Gregory XIII had this new city gate built in 1574 and named it after the close basilica of S.Giovanni in Laterano (St John Lateran). This gate was one of the points of the pope's plan about the new roads and traffic in this zone of the city. Its probable authors were G.della Porta or G.Del Duca. The seven archways were open in 1917 because of the increase of traffic from the new districts of Rome and from Castelli Romani (14 little towns located on the Alban Hills and Monte Cavo all to the south-east of Rome).

Porta (Gate) San Giovanni near Basilica of St. Giovanni in Laterano (St John Lateran)
The Scala Santa, or Holy Staircase is over the road from the Basilica of San Giovanni in Laterano, close to San Giovanni Metro station. You can walk there from the Colosseum, or take a bus (numbers 85, 87, 850, 117). Like so many religious sights, the building is closed for at lunchtime.

Basilica of San (St.) Giovanni in Laterano (St John Lateran) has two façades very typical of the Baroque Rome. The main one is facing Porta S Giovanno. In the immediate vicinity you can see the imposing basilica's imposing façade, made out of travertine, overlooks Piazza di Porta San Giovanni and the well-preserved Roman Aurelian Wall with the original fortified gateway alongside the present day Porta San Giovanni.

The road in fact gives access to the via Campana (now the Via Appia Nuova), which for its first 3 miles follows the route of the ancient Via Asinaria, then that of the Via Labicana. The name via Campana, it is presumed, derives both from the road's ultimate destination of Campania and from the Roman Campagna through which it runs. Porta (Gate) Asinaria is next to Porta San Giovanni.

The modern Appio-Latino quarter, now outside the gate, was set up in 1926 by demolishing and building over houses, cottages, vineyards, inns, and meadows. To keep the gate viable, also in 1926 fornici were opened at its sides, which can still be seen today.

Porta (Gate) San Giovanni
Piazza di Porta San Giovanni (Piazzale Appio, 7)
00183, Rome, Lazio, Italy
Zone: Rione Monti (Colosseo - S.Giovanni - S.Maria Maggiore) (Roma centro)/ Rione Esquilino (Termini - Via Nazionale) (Roma centro)
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