Preti, Mattia (1613-1699) (Cavaliere calabrese)

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Mattia Preti, named the Cavaliere calabrese, Italian painter, was born in Taverna, Catanzaro in 1613 and died in La Valletta, Malta in 1699. His presence in Rome is documented in 1633, 1636, 1641-43, 1646-1651. In 1642 he became a Knight of the Order of Malta and in 1650 a Virtuoso of Pantheon. He frescoed Chiesa di S.Carlo ai Catinari (1642) and the apse of Chiesa di S.Andrea della Valle (1650-51); the Resurrection of Lazzaro (Galleria nazionale d'arte antica, Rome). During his sojourn in Modena he depicted the dome and choir of Chiesa di S.Biagio (1652-53).
preti convito
In 1656-60 Preti executed numerous works in Naples: The plague in Naples of 1656, Figliuol prodigo, Banquet of Baldassare (pictured) (Naples, Mus. di Capodimonte); ceiling paintings in Chiesa di S.Pietro a Maiella and in Chiesa di S.Domenico Maggiore.

During his last Roman period Preti decorated Palazzo Doria Pamphili (1661).

In the same year he moved to Malta, where he settled for good. Here Preti became an official painter of the Order of Malta: monumental decorative cycles like Glory of the Order (La Valletta, Chiesa di S.Giovanni, 1661-66), and numerous paintings like Baptism of Christ (La Valletta, Museum), Nativity of the Virgin (La Valletta, Chiesa di S.Giovanni).

Preti's art and modes had a big number of followers in the 18th century.

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