Quartiere Coppede, Piazza Mincio, Rome

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Quartiere Coppede, Piazza Mincio, Rome

This neighborhood, located between Via Tagliamento, Via Clitunno, Via Serchio, Via Ombrone and Via Arno (Italian rivers), with the center in Piazza Mincio, is named after it author, architect G.Coppede'. It grew in 1921-1926, and is noted for its very curious architecture: fantastic entrance arch from Via Tagliamento, a series of towers, loggias, and medieval fragments. In Piazza Mincio is the Fontana delle Rane, a modern interpretation of the fountain with the same name at Piazza Mattei. The greatest part of the palaces in this neighborhood is occupied by Embassies and other foreign representations. Also See: Walking through the streets of the Coppedé area

Quartiere Coppede
Piazza Mincio, 00198, Rome, Lazio, Italy
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