Quartiere Della Vittoria

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Quartiere Della Vittoria

This neighborhood grew in the 20's-30's of the 20th century for initiative of construction cooperatives and organizations promoting popular and economic residence constructions: Istituto per le Case Popolari, Istituto per le Case degli Impiegati Statali, Istituto per le Case dei Dipendenti Comunali, etc., all of them appeared by impulse of Luigi Luzzatti in the beginning of the century.

The center of the Della Vittoria Neighbourhood is Piazza Mazzini, conjunction of main traffic ways leading in different directions. In Viale Mazzini is an interesting church Chiesa di Cristo Re, built in 1931 by M.Piacentini, expression of the new line in sacred architecture. It preserves important works of art, such as a bronze relief on the door by A.Martini, the Via Crucis by Alfredo Biagini, the frescoes of the dome and in the apse by A.Funi.

Vicolo del Quartiere
00153 Roma, Italy
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