Regina Coeli Prison (Carcere di Regina Coeli)

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Regina Coeli Prison (Carcere di Regina Coeli)

The name of the prison transferred in this buildings in 1881-1885 comes from the Chiesa conventuale di S.Maria Regina Coeli, i.e. the monastery church existed here before the prison. The prison was built under the direction of Carlo Morgini. The monastery was founded in 1654 by Anna Colonna, the wife of Taddeo Barberini. On the right side of the Carcere there is via delle Mantellate, where the Women's prison with the same name stands.

Regina Coeli Prison (Carcere di Regina Coeli), Via delle Mantellate, rome
The prison of Regina Coeli in Rome. Completed in 1892, it occupies the space of the convent after which it was named: the convent of Santa Maria Regina Coeli. The particular prison was built in the aftermath of the Italian unification when national identity was still formulated and the economy industrialized. At the same period, the discussion on prison architecture was shifting from an interest in the panopticon-centered structures to the architecture of the cell. Penitentiaries were transformed from sites of mere constrain, to sites of correction, to later develop into laboratories of identity.

Regina Coeli Prison (Carcere di Regina Coeli)
Via della Lungara, 29 (Via delle Mantellate, 5-6)
00165, Rome, Lazio, Italy
Zone: Rione Trastevere (Gianicolo) (Roma centro)
Regina Coeli Prison (Carcere di Regina Coeli) is Shown By "Map G Zone" As "8"
Transit: Arenula/Min. G.giustizia (877 m SE)
Tram: 8
Telephone: 0039 066 89251

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