Reni, Guido (1575-1642)

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Guido Reni, Italian painter, was born and died in Bologna in 1575-1642. He studied ancient art and Raphael in the academy of Carracci. His first trip to Rome took place or in 1599 or in 1602. In the beginning of 1603 he returned to Bologna. The first works show the influence of mannerism and Carracci: Assunta (Pieve di Centro). The influence of Caravaggio is evident in the painting Crocefissione di San Pietro for the church San Paolo alle Tre Fontana (1604-1605, Pin.Vaticana). In 1605 was executed a fresco in the cloister of San Michele in Bosco in Bologna which is not visible anymore. After return to Rome in 1609 he received numerous orders for very important works: frescoes for the Sala delle Nozze Aldobrandine and Sala delle Dame in Vatican (1608-1609); frescoes in San Gregorio al Celio; decoration of the Cappella dell'Annunciata al Quirinale (1610); Cappella Paolina in Santa Maria Maggiore; Aurora, a fresco in the house of Palazzo Rospigliosi Pallavicini (1612-1614).
reni strage
When Reni came back home again after the second sojourn in Rome were created: Strage degli innocenti (pictured) (Bologna, Pin.Naz.) (1611-1612); Pieta' (S.Maria dei Mendicanti (1614-1616, Bologna, Pin.); Fatiche d'Ercole (1617-1621, Paris, Louvre); Cristo al Calvario (1620-1625, Schleissheim, Neues Schloss); Lucrezia (1625, Potsdam, Neues Palais). The masterpieces of the last years of life of Reni were: Adorazione dei pastori (1640-1642, London, Nat.Gall., and Naples, Cerosa di San Martino); Cleopatra (1640-1642, Rome, Pin.Capitolina).

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