Roma Vintage Party

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Roma Vintage party is the cultural output of the 1970s and 1980s. Roma Vintage pitches its tents at the San Sebastiano park (via di Porta San Sebastiano near the Baths of Caracalla). The event features theater, music, the ubiquitous booths and food stands, TV shows, cult films and theatre performances plus screenings of vintage films, a "Vintage Shop," Jazz’n Blues, sport events, cinema reviews, exhibitions, disco and bar are held in Rome's Parco San Sebastiano. There’s everything for the lovers of 60s, 70s and 80s! A special section is dedicated to all things made in Italy.

The Cine Vintage and the area “Disco e Performances” are located in the Piazzetta Vintage, the center of the event, and here it is also possible to find wine and food stands. From music to fashion, from films to sport, many cult items and events of that period are now part of our collective memory and not outmoded at all. At the Parco San Sebastiano, there's a summer village with stands selling vintage clothing, kitsch, a dance floor spinning those tunes you danced to in high school or college... an area for the kids, vintage games, vintage game shows, live music with real vintage musicians, even a vintage restaurant.

To experience that period again you only need to book a hotel in Rome and visit Roma Vintage, which will include many spaces and events, not to forget any feature of the culture and fashion of the 70s and the 80s and to meet everybody's desires, both of those who personally experienced those years, and of those who were born or grew up later, but who are very interested in those decades. Parco San Sebastiano will host a large exhibition area where you will find all kinds of vintage stuff: sport, music, fashion, motors items, and a whole section will host Italian products that have become symbols of that era, both in Italy and abroad.

The area reserved for the cinema wants to promote and give value to the cinematographic culture through many thematic reviews. The area dedicated to the dance music will make visitors feel and live the emotions of those years. Besides music, the programme of Roma Vintage also includes theatre shows, readings of poems and monologues and films projections: you will have the chance to watch movies that are now considered as cult, like Italian sexy comedies, which are very appreciated by Quentin Tarantino, but also films, like "Il marchese del Grillo", featuring Alberto Sordi, which have come down in cinema history.

Parco San Sebastiano,
55 Via delle Terme di Caracalla, Rome, Italy

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