Roma World Music Festival

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Roma World Music Festival - incontra il mondo (Rome meets the World) festival at Villa Ada, Rome

Villa Ada is the largest park in Rome, Italy, with a surface of 450 acres/182 hectares. It is located in the northeastern part of the city. Its highest prominence is Monte Antenne, 67 m (220 ft), an ancient archeological site.

The public portion of the park is much larger than the private area. It contains an artificial Isle in Villa Ada's lake and many trees, including stone pines, holm oaks, laurels and a very rare metasequoia, imported from Tibet in 1940. Entrance to the park is free. One may rent canoes, bicycles, or riding horses. There is a large swimming pool. Since 1994, during the summer the park hosts the world-music festival with a market and food kiosks and the "Roma incontra il mondo" (Rome meets the World) festival, against racism, war and death penalty.

Rome celebrates international flavors with two mid-summer festivals. Roma Incontra il Mondo, Rome Encounters the World, held in the city's large Villa Ada park, features food and music from around the world. Fiesta features world-renowned Hispanic artists and musicians, and showcases Latin-American cuisine

The program of the festival includes a concert every night... with very good ethnic music. Musicians from around the world play on a lakeside stage beneath the venerable trees of the Villa Ada park. Lights reflected in the water and cool breezes make this one of the most atmospheric and relaxing of the summer festivals. If the music palls there are bars and stalls purveying ethnic food, music and books.

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