Roman Antique Festival

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If you are an antique lover, then you will surely enjoy a bonanza of antique items during this Festival. The arrival of the Antique Show marks the start and finish of the summer festival season. the first edition begins in the second half of May and the seond takes place at the end of September. The show is famous for its selection of antiques, furs and jewelery. Almost all antique shops and dealers in Rome will participate in this festival. You can surely find a good bargain for antique items for the entire duration of the festival. This festival is limited to the Via dei Coronari in Rome where most of the antiques shops are situated. It is hard to say whether this is primarily a shopping festival as antiques are on sale; However, the basic point of the festival is for Rome’s antiques dealers to display their goods to the public, many of whom just come to have a look without buying anything. You will find not only period pieces, but also simpler relics, paraphernalia of Roman life, unusual gadgets and other goodies.

From the times of the Caesars when copies of Greek statuary were imported to enrich the Empire’s private villas and public palaces, Rome has always been the capital of antique collecting. Moreover, Rome's Via dei Coronari is the venue for a fantastic antique fair that takes place every weekend in October. Situated in the heart of the Centro Storico in the oldest, narrowest streets in Rome, the fair is a Mecca for antique hunters from Italy and beyond. The atmosphere along the Via dei Coronari is superb - shops stay open late into the evening and you can wander and chat with experts or gaze in wonder at the profusion of extraordinary objects on show. From the Sun King's dressing table to furs, jewellery and ceramics, you're bound to find something that intrigues you.

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