Romanelli, Giovanni Francesco (1610-1662)

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Giovanni Francesco Romanelli, Italian painter, was born and died in Viterbo in 1610-1662. He was a helper of Pietro da Cortona in decoration of Palazzo Barberini. His independent works are Assunta (sacristy of Chiesa di S.Maria dell'Anima, 1638), Elemosina di S.Tommaso (Rome, Chiesa di S.Agostino), Hall of Countess Matilda (Vatican, 1637-42), Arione (Rome, Costaguti Collection), Presentation at the Temple (Rome, Chiesa di S.Maria degli Angeli), designs of the tapestries for cardinal Francesco Barberini (designs are now in Villa Lante in Bagnaia; tapestries in Palazzo Venezia, Rome).

In 1646-48 Romanelli lived in Paris, where depicted Metamorfosi by Ovid in the Palace of cardinal Mazarini (National Library). In the second sojourn in the French capital in 1655-56 he decorated with Stories of the Romans and Jewish the apartment of Queen-mother Anna of Austria in Louvre.

Among the other works of Romanelli are: Madonna del Rosario (Chiesa dei SS.Domenico e Sisto, Rome, 1652), and Anniciation (Mus.Civico, Viterbo).

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