Romano, Giulio (1492-1546) (Giulio Pippi)

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Giulio Pippi, named Giulio Romano, Italian architect, decorator and painter, was born in Rome in circa 1499 and died in Mantua in 1546. He was a pupil and collaborator of Raphael, participated in execution of some of his works: Sacra Famiglia di Francesco I (Paris, Louvre); frescoes in the Stanza dell'Incendio del Borgo in the Vatican Palaces; loggia in Vatican; loggia di Psiche alla Farnesina. After the death of Raphael, he took one of the most important roles in decoration of the 4th Stanza Sala di Costantino in Vatican. Apart from some of the paintings: Sacra Conversazione (Rome, S.Maria dell'Anima); Lapidazione di Santo Stefano (Genoa, Santo Stefano); Madonna della gatta (Naples, Mus.di Capodimonte), being in Rome, Giulio created some architectural works as well: Villa Lante on the Janiculum, Palazzo Maccarani.
romano affresco
Another great part of the activity and fame of Romano took place in Mantova, where Federico II Gonzaga nominated him the general prefect of the manufactories. With the intensive company of urbanistic projecting, religious and civic constructions, the artist influenced the architectonic look of the city: fish market (1535); Duomo (1545); his own palace (circa 1544). Moreover, he conducted the works of renewing of the Palazzo Ducale in its decoration part: Sala di Troia (1538); Sala dei Cavalli. But the real masterpiece of Romano is Palazzo del Te' (see on the photos) (1524-1535), the amusement residence of the Mantua's court. Here could be found the expressions of classic and mannerist styles; rich decorations in frescoes and stuccoes: Storie di Psiche, and a cycle dedicated to Federico II Gonzaga (Sala dei Giganti).
romano vestibolo

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