Rome Campo de' Fiori

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Rome Campo de' Fiori, Italy

Where does this nice name, Campo dei Fiori - "Field of Flowers" of the square placed at the borders of the two Roman districts of Parione and Regola come from? According to an ancient but uncertain tradition the name should remind Flora, a woman that Pompeo, a Roman military leader who lived during the 1st century b.c., used to love. More probably instead, it was just the fact that until over 1450 this large area was field of grass.

Actually at that time the field started to become more important since it had caught a Roman powerful family's attention until it got an absolutely predominant aspect in the urban environment at the time it was definitely changed into a square by the Pope Sisto IV.

The daily activity of this place had been characterized since then by relating exchanges among the citizens of all social

standings, as far as tha intellectual and trading aspect concerned. The houses, looking onto the square, had almost all a sign made in iron sticking out of a pole or painted on wood. This signs representing the buildings were very useful to the illiterate travellers for its immediate images.

In this square races, banners, sometimes executions used to take place. To be remembered the one of Giordano Bruno, who was condemned to be burned at the stake on 17 February 1600. His monument rises at the centre of the square and it was built in 1887.

Campo dei Fiori the picturesque market of flowers

Since 1869 every morning in Campo dei Fiori the picturesque market of flowers takes place, making enjoyable the sightseeing with a colourful view, different kinds of shapes of selling products, the smell spreading all through the air. Fruit and vegetables settled with harmony on the stalls so that the shopping becomes pleasant and joyful.

From Termini: bus 40 - 64 - 70 - linea H

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