Rome fashion, Haute couture

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Rome fashion, Haute couture , Italy

Rome fashion

The area surrounding Piazza del Popolo, the ancient Campo Marzio, is today the paradise of shopping, thanks to the high concentration of shops and boutiques. The spectacular square is today a pedestrian precinct, and it has been brought back to its ancient splendor.

It is a pleasant arrival or starting point of an intelligent tourism route. Valadier adjusted it during Napoleon's occupation (1824), and the pre-existent buildings were respected. Among them, we can remember Santa Maria del Popolo, a real art museum, the two twin churches Santa Maria di Montesanto and Santa Maria dei Miracoli, the obelisk and the Flaminian door. On the contrary, the difference in level between the square and the overlooking hill of the Pincio was a problem overcome thanks to winding ramps, from which terrace it is possible to admire a wonderful panorama on the city.

The so-called Trident stars from the square as there are three sunburst streets penetrating into the center of the city: via del Babuino, via del Corso, via di Ripetta. In Via del Babuino- this is how the Romans have called the statue of the faun that is placed next to the Greek church of Sant'Atanasio - there are famous antique shops specialized in pieces of furniture and paintings, prints and ancient jewelery. Parallel to it is the vivacious via Margutta, the street of the painters, a seat of romantic artist studios, Federico Fellini and Giulietta Masina used to live here. Via del Corso, the main street, was called by Stendhal as "the most beautiful in the world". It is narrow and long, and it houses several casual clothes shops, which distinguish it from the "exclusive" style of the adjoining streets.

Just think of the par excellance street of fashion, with its boutiques of the most important brands, that is, Via Condotti, -where you may have an "intellectual" stop at the historic Greek Café - or of via Borgognona (famous thanks to the beauty parlors frequented by international actresses). The background Piazza di Spagna, the most famous in the world, house every summer the fashion show called "Rome under the stars". Not far from the historical Babington's hall is the Mac Donald's, the first fast food opened in the Eternal City.

Behind the immaculate Conception's column, which is the last Roman monument before the unity of Italy, in Palazzo Mignanelli, that stands over the square of the same name, there is the seat of the Academy of the stylist Valentino. Once you have crossed via Frattina, an-other important shopping place, you get to Piazza San Lorenzo in Lucina, recently adjusted with benches ad gazeboes, where you may find excellent bars and confectioners.

Rome Haute couture

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