Rome Metrebus (metro-train-bus) Tickets

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Rome Metrebus (metro-train-bus) Tickets, Italy

Rome public transport is called Metrebus, a combination of the words: metro, treno metropolitano and autobus. With Metrebus tickets you can travel on these three means of transport:

Metrebus is a scheme, by which a standard ticket can be used across the full range of transport services:

Fares depend solely from the areas you cross, not from the number of means of transport. Tickets must always be validated:

The bus and metro system is not free! Validate your ticket before boarding the metro; on buses, look for the orange stamping machines. If you are caught without a validated ticket, the fine is € 51,00.

The metrebus ticket and the one-day pass
The “metrebus” (metro-train-bus) €1 ticket permits you to ride on the bus, tram, or local train for any distance. (The ticket is also good for one trip on the metro underground line.) The journey is only limited by time: the ticket expires after 75 minutes.

Upgrading to a €4 ticket allows you to enjoy unlimited rides until midnight. Routes are clearly marked, so get a public transport map from one of the many newspaper kiosks, study the routes, get your elbows ready, and hop on board to see where you end up.

Fares and types of tickets

Note: Monthly and annual Metrebus Roma passes are also available. Monthly and annual passes go by zone and are valid for an unlimited number of journeys and journeys within the chosen zone.

Where to buy tickets

Tickets are sold at about 4,000 dealers (tobacconist's, newsstands, bars, travel agencies), 364 vending machines present on the municipal territory, at bus terminals, in metro stations and at dealers in railways stations in Rome and Lazio.

Metrebus (metro-train-bus) Tickets For Local Train Services

The “metrebus” ticket also includes the use of the local train services. Head to Piramide and catch the connecting Lido train to enjoy a day at the beach in Ostia (30 minutes away) or to explore the ancient ruins at Ostia Antica (25 minutes).

If you’re catching a flight at Ciampino, you can also travel from Termini to the airport on your €1 ticket, a journey of 15 minutes, and then just pay another €1 to take the airport shuttle bus. The express service to Fiumicino Airport is not covered by the “metrebus” ticket.

In this way one can freely choose how to reach the destination without having to worry about the ticket. There are no fee zones inside the city, and the same "metrebus" ticket is valid for reaching any part of Rome.

The companies, that taking part to this scheme are:
The Public transport company of the city of Rome (ATAC) S.p.A.: Providing public transport (Buses, Tramways and Subways) - Journey planner, Fares & Tickets, Lines Tables and Maps in Rome
METRO - subways
Cotral S.p.A. - urban railways
Trenitalia- regional railways

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