Rome Summer Festival - A Hundred Days of Performance, Concerts and Cultural Events

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Rome Summer Festival - Concerts and Cultural Events,

Roman Summer Festival is a hundred days of performance, concerts, and cultural events involving the whole city, and stretches from the centre to the suburbs. The event encompasses theatre, music, performance, cinema and art. as well as the discovery of places and stimuli. The festival is an annual summer ritual in Rome. It is becoming increasingly important in the city's cultural life.

It has assumed great importance in recent years, also at an international level, such that it is considered by the international press to be "one of the largest metropolitan organs of cultural and artistic promotion operating at an international level". There is no doubting this, there is no other city in the world which concentrates such a variety of high quality reviews and festivals into just over three months, with an average of between 30 and 40 daily performances and events. At the peak period, which coincides with the inauguration of the "European Music Festival" (the summer solstice), there have been more than 300 events in two days.

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