Rome Traffic Restrictions

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Rome Traffic Restrictions, Italy

Tourists in Rome and other Italian cities need to know that the cities have restricted driving zones to reduce traffic congestion. If you drive there without a permit you will be fined as much as 99 euros ($136). If your hotel lies within such a zone and you need to drive there to park or unload luggage, you are exempt from the fine but need to ask the hotel to send your license number to the traffic police to avoid a citation.

For tourists the best option is the BTI, Biglietto Turistico Integrato, which for € 11 gives you unlimited travel for 3 days on Rome underground trains, buses, trams, trolley buses, and on some regional railway trains.

Limited Traffic Zone (ZTL, Zona a Traffico Limitato)

To limit car traffic in the historical centre of Rome, like in many other Italian towns and cities a Limited Traffic Zone (ZTL, Zona a Traffico Limitato) has been introduced, where access is not allowed to unauthorised cars and only holders of a special permit can drive.

There are numerous other Limited Traffic Zones in Europe, but Rome's is one of the largest in the continent. Most of the historic centre is closed to normal traffic, with traffic wardens or electronic gates controlling the entrance points to the centre. You are not allowed to drive to the ZTL of the historic centre from 6.30am to 6.00pm Monday to Friday and from 2pm to 6pm on Saturdays, unless you are a resident or have a special permit. If you wish to drive to your hotel in this area, in order to avoid a fine contact the hotel management who will fax your number plate to the authorities.

Bikes, scooters and motorbikes have unrestricted access.


Motorcycles have free access to ZTL always, at all times of day or night, and may parking in its internal spaces.

Residents and other categories entitled to enter the ZTL and persons with disabilities have special sign for the access: they can freely using cars authorized and exposing the highlights marking the windscreen or rear window of the car. The marks for people with disabilities authorize to travel throughout the ZTL and parking in places reserved and other spaces allowed. The marks for ZTL entitlement to transit (solo crossing of ZTL) or movement (in ZTL access road and parking spaces allowed) to different types of permit. The marks awarded to residents, resident, artisans, garages and night workers for the G (Trastevere) are not valid for other areas of ZTL.

Parking in the “Blue Stripes”.

In areas A-B-C-D-E-F of Z.T.L. of the historical center stop pricing in the Blue Stripes is in force from Monday to Saturday from 6:00pm to 11:00pm, except holidays. Residents of areas ABCDEF can park free, 24 hours on 24, all roads in the areas where ABCDEF is allowed to stop, including tariffs, with the exception of the "Trident" where they can stop only the residents of area A.

Holders of allowed Z.T.L. "X" may pause in all areas of ZTL (ABCDEFG) but starting from 18:00 must pay the rest in blue stripes.

map of areas of ZTL (ABCDEFG)

Areas of ZTL (ABCDEFG) [Shown in Map]
1. Via Ferdinando di Savoia
2. Passeggiata di Ripetta
3. Via Tomacelli
4. Via di Ripetta
5. Via Zanardelli
6. Via di Panico
7. Corso Vittorio Emanuele II
8. Largo dei Fiorentini
9. Via San Filippo Neri
10. Via Giulia
11. Via Arenula
12. Via del Teatro Marcello
13. Via dei Fori Imperiali
14. Via dei Serpenti
15. Via di Santa Maria Maggiore
16. Via Urbana
17. Via de Pretis
18. Via Torino.
19. Via Nazionale
20. Via XX Settembre
21. Via di San Basilio
22. Via Vittorio Veneto
23. Via Francesco Crispi
23. Salita della Lungarina
24. Piazza Trilussa
25. Via C. Antonietti
26. Via Fratte di Trastevere
27. Via Cardinal Marmaggi
28. Via della Lungarina
29. Via Ripenso
30. Via del Porto
31. Via di San Michele
32. Via Roma Libera
33. Via Morosini.

ATAC Services:

All tourists wishing to drive to downtown hotels by their private car should first contact the hotel management. Upon arrival the hotel has to send a fax containing numberplate and days of stay to ATAC S.p.A Number One Mobility Services Agency Roma - 06.57003 every day, 24 hours including holidays to avoid the fine.

Information and services on public and private mobility, public transport timetables and routes, tickets and travel documents, permits (ZTL, blue stripes, special marks people with disabilities), top coaches, blue sticker repair shops, car sharing, traffic lights and signals parking meters.

ATAC Range of Services:

To forward your inquiries, complaints and suggestions about Atac services and activities, you need your registration.

For further information please visit: (Also in English), For ATAC Wide Range of Services Visit:

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