Rome - World's most beautiful works of art - The buildings of "power"

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Rome - World's most beautiful works of art - The buildings of "power" , Italy

Besides its archaeological remains and the fact that Rome has some of the world's most beautiful works of art the city is also the site of numerous imposing buildings which are institutions of the Italian Republic There is the Palazzo del Quirinale (; the Camera Alta (the Upper house of the parliament) and the Senato (the Senate) in Palazzo Madama (; the Camera dei Deputati (House of Deputies, or Lower House) in Palazzo Montecitorio (; the seat of the government in Palazzo Chigi (; and that of the constitutional court in Palazzo della Consulta ( Besides their institutional value they are all of great artistic and historic value, and certainly merit a special visit.

Contact Info
Palazzo del Quirinale, Piazza del Quirinale: tel. 06 46991
Palazzo Madama, Piazza Madama: tel. 06 67061
Palazzo Montecitorio, Piazza Montecitorio: tel. 06 67601
Palazzo Chigi, Piazza Colonna: tel. 06 67791
Palazzo della Consulta, Piazza del Quirinale: tel. 06 46981

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