Rossellino, Bernardo (1409-1464)

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Bernardo Rosselino, Italian architect and sculptor, was born in Settignano in 1409 and died in Florence in 1464. Pupil and collaborator of L.B.Alberti, he was active in Tuscany and Rome, where worked a lot for the pope Nicolas V, bending in particular his name with the enlarging of the transept and apse in St Peter's. Rosselino became famous most of all for the arrangement of the ancient district of Corsignano (now Pienza), which Pius II wanted to be renewed according to the principles of the Renaissance urbanistics and architecture. He made the center with the square and main constructions (Duomo, Palazzo Pubblico, Palazzo Vescovile, Palazzo Piccolomini) to be surrounded by the rest of the city.
rosselino tomba
In architecture he innovated the burial monument: Tomb of Leonardo Bruni in S.Croce in Florence (1446-1450), inserted in the solemn arch, reminding the Roman tradition. This type of the tomb will be accepted by other artists, and first of all by Desiderio da Settignano.

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