Rossetti, Biagio (circa1447-1516)

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Biagio Rossetti, Italian architect and urbanist, was born and died in Ferrara in circa 1447 - 1516. Since 1483 he was a military engineer and the duke's architect. Due to his project of enlarging of the city of Ferrara ordered in 1492 by Ercole I d'Este Rossetti was considered the first architect in the history of urbanistics who made use of advantages of the modern methods; he knew how to balance the humanistic principles in architecture, real needs of the city and local traditions. He projected and directed construction of the defense walls around Ferrara (since 1495). After the death of the duke Ercole I in 1505 the architect started serving to the cardinal Ippolito d'Este: the facade of Palazzo di Schifanoia; construction of his own house and Palazzo Roverella; work on Palazzi Turchi di Bagno, Palazzo Prosperi-Sacrati and most famous Palazzo dei Diamanti. Among the religious constructions created by Rossetti are: the churches of Santa Maria in Vado, of San Benedetto, of San Cristoforo alla Certosa and of San Francesco in Ferrara.

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