Rostra (Rostri)

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In front of the Arch of Settimius Severus are the remains of Imperial Rostra, i.e. orator's tribune, the one from which Cicero proclaimed 14 orations against Marcus Antonius declaring him the public enemy of Rome, and to which the head and the hand of the orator were attached, after Marcus Antonius ordered to murder the rebellion. It was brought from its original site in front of the Curia during Caesar's restoration. It is 3m high, 24m long and 12m deep.

Rostra (Rostri), Foro Romano (Roman Forum)
The original structure was decorated with the "rostra" or iron beaks of the ships captured at the battle of Antium in 338 b.C.. On the platform rose columns surmounted by commemorative statues, and its parapet was probably decorated with the sculptured relieves (now in Curia Julia). In front, on the right, are the Rostra Vandalica, an extension of the 5th century A.D.; the modern name is taken from an inscription commemorating a naval victory over the Vandals in 470.

Close to it is a cylindrical construction, Umbilicus Urbis, supposed to mark the center of the city, and a center of the world. Near by is the site of the "Miliarium Aureum", "golden milestone", a bronze-covered column set up by Augustus as the symbolic starting-point of all the roads of the Empire, with the distance from Rome to the chief cities engraved in gold letters on its base.

Rostra is the platform beside the Curia from which orators spoke to the assembled people. The building today consists of part of the semicircular stands at the entrance, some ruins of the interior and the facade. On the northern side there is a brick addition that dates back to 470 AD.

Rostra (Rostri)
Via della Salara Vecchia (Via di San Gregorio)
00186 , Rome, Lazio, Italy
Zone: Rione Campitelli (Foro Romano- Campidoglio-P.Venezia) (Roma centro) / Rione Celio (Terme di Caracalla) (Roma centro)
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