Sacconi, Giuseppe (1854-1905)

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Giuseppe Sacconi, Italian architect, was born in Montalto delle Marche in 1854 and died in Collegigliato, Pistoia in 1905. In the beginning he was a collaborator of L.Carimini in restoration of Basilica di Loreto.

Still unknown, he won a contest of projects for the Monument of Victor Emanuel II (Rome, Piazza Venezia) in 1884. It was realized in 1885-1911 and was conceived as a kind of acropolis at the feet of the Capitoline Hill. This monument, with its enormous dimensions and overloaded decoration, not appropriate to the place of its location, demonstrates a decline of the classicist movement in architecture in the end of the 19th century.

The other works of Sacconi were the facade of Palazzo delle Assicurazioni Generali di Piazza Venezia (1892-1907, Rome), a tomb of Umberto I (Pantheon, 1900, Eome), Cappella espiatoria (Monza, 1900-1910). Sacconi was also a superintendent to the monuments of Piceno and of Umbria.

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