Salviati, Cecchino (1510-1563) (Francesco De'Rossi)

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Francesco De'Rossi Salviati, named Cecchino Salviati, Italian painter, was born in Florence in 1510 and died in Rome in 1563. He was a pupil of Baccio Bandinelli and Andrea del Sarto; in 1531 moved to Rome serving to cardinal Giovanni Salviati, from who took the name. The studies of Raphael and contacts with his followers are evident in the works of Cecchino, created during the first Roman period: Annunciazione (S.Francesco a Ripa); Visitazione (S.Giovanni Decollato) (1538). In 1539 he returned to Florence to participate in preparations for the wedding celebration of Cosimo I Medici and Eleonora di Toledo.
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The artist visited the other cities of the northern Italy as well: Venice, Bolonia, Mantoa, Verona, Parma (where executed for Pier Luigi Farnese designs for the tapestries). Being in Florence again, he frescoed Sala dell'Udienza in Palazzo Vecchio (1543-1547); here begins the style of Salviati, noted for the sophisticated elegance of the compositions and extraordinary virtuosity of execution. In Rome he frescoed numerous sacred places: chapels of Palio (Palazzo della Cancelleria), of Margravi (S.Maria dell'Anima), Chigi (S.Maria del Popolo) and Grifoni (S.Marcello al Corso); oratory of San Giovanni Decollato and San Salvatore in Lauro. The other were fresco cycles, depicted in Sale dell'Udienza: Storie di David (see on the photo:Bagno di Betsabea) (Palazzo Ricci-Sacchetti, 1552-1554) with the prevalence of the war and erotic episodes; Fasti Farnese (Palazzo Farnese).

Salviati was one of the most important personalities in mannerist environment, a highly educated and cultured man, treated as an equal by the purchasers of his works. He left one of the most significant descriptions of the art and society of his epoch.

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