San Pancrazio Gate (Porta) In The Janiculum

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San Pancrazio Gate (Porta) In The Janiculum

This gate stands on the highest point of Janiculum Hill and takes the name from the near by basilica of S.Pancrazio. It was built by Urban VIII, and rebuilt by V.Vespignani in 1857 after the decisive battle here between the French forces and Garibaldi in 1849. This gate, once known as the Porta Aurelia was the starting-point of the Via Aurelia which is atop the Gianicolo (or Janiculum) Hill, just inside the Porta San Pancrazio and a new gate named after the nearby Basilica di S. Pancrazio. It was protected by two massive bastions.

San Pancrazio Gate (Porta) In The Janiculum
The French were unable to take Porta S. Pancrazio and they eventually managed to enter Rome through a breach in the walls near Villa Sciarra; the gate however was almost totally destroyed and what we see today is an 1854 reconstruction.

On April 19, 1951 the City Council designated the National Association of Veterans and the Garibaldi Veterans for the construction of the museum, which was opened in 1976 with two sections: the first on the History of the Risorgimento and Garibaldi and the second on the history of the Italian Garibaldi division. Museo della Repubblica Romana e della Memoria Garibaldina - Complesso monumentale di Porta San Pancrazio/ The Monumental Complex of Porta San Pancrazio - Museum of the Roman Republic and Garibaldi Memorial, which became part of the Civic Museum Network of Roma Capitale. Housed inside the San Pancrazio gateway in the Janiculum walls, this museum contains two collections documenting the historical continuity of the Risorgimento (the wars for the unification of Italy) with the Italian resistance of World War II. More details about this historical and monumental Janiculum Museum of the Roman Republic and Garibaldi Memorial

San Pancrazio Gate (Porta) In The Janiculum
Piazzale di Porta San Pancrazio (Largo di Porta San Pancrazio)
00153, Rome, Lazio, Italy
Zone: Quartiere Gianicolense (Roma West)
San Pancrazio Gate (Porta) In The Janiculum is Shown By "Map G Zone" As "25"
Transportation and Other more details: Via Garibaldi

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