Sangallo, Antonio da (1484-1546) (the Younger) (nephew of Giuliano and Antonio)

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Antonio da Sangallo, the Younger, Italian architect, was born in Florence in 1484 and died in Rome in 1546; nephew of Giuliano and Antonio da Sangallo. He began as a carver in Florence, but in 1503 moved to Rome, where was in contact with Bramante and both uncles for the whole period of artistic formation. In the meantime were created the church S.Maria di Loreto (after 1507) and Palazzo Baldassini (1510-1515) in Rome. In 1512 he began his independent activity with the construction of the Palazzo Farnese (finished after his death by Michelangelo). Again for the Farnese's he built in the Viterbo region other numerous buildings, such as Castello di Capodimonte (1510-1513) and Rocca di Caprarola (1515). In 1516 he was nominated the head and assistant of Raphael in the construction works of St Peter's in Rome, where he already worked as a second architect since 1514. Together with Raphael he studied the arrangement of the Piazza del Popolo and project of Villa Madama. With the death of Raphael in 1520 he remained to direct St Peter's works along. During this years were erected palazzo Ferratini ad Amelia (1520-1525) and the facade of Palazzo della Zecca in Rome (1523-1524). Since 1526 he conducted works over the church of Loreto and after 1527, the sack of Rome, he was en-charged to realize the Vatican yard. In 1536, Sangallo was nominated the architect of the all pontific constructions; and as a military architect he worked in Civitavecchia (1515), Ancona (Fortress) (1526), in Orvieto (pozzo di San Patrizio) (1527-1537), in Florence (Fortress da Basso) (1534-1537), in Perugia (Rocca Paolina) (1540-1541).

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