Sangallo, Giuliano da (circa1445-1516) (Giuliano Giamberti)

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Giuliano Giamberti, named Giuliano da Sangallo, Italian architect, military engineer, sculptor and carver, was born and died in Florence in circa1445-1516. He was one of the most important personalities of the epoch because of his intensive activity, participation in the solutions of the cultural problems, and for the fact of being the inherit and interpreter of Brunelleschi's tradition. Giuliano gave the fundumental contribute to the development of architectonic forms in the beginning of the 16th century. His father, Francesco Giamberti, the founder of the famous family, was an architect and builder of fortifications. In 1465 Giuliano went to Rome, where studied ancient monuments and culture, and began his successful activity 15 years later as an expert in different fields of architecture.
sangallo villa
As a military specialist, Giuliano worked at the fortifications of the Hill Val d'Elsa in Poggio Imperiale of Poggibonsi; as well as in Ostia, Nettuno, Arezzo, Sansepolcro. According to the Brunelleschi's tradition, were projected the Sacresty for the church Santo Spirito (Florence, 1489); Palazzo Gondi (Florence, 1490); tomb Sassetti (Florence, Santa trinita, 1485-1488); Villa Medici (see on the photo) in Poggio a Caiano (1480), the latter, was the new type of the Renaissance villa.

Sangallo participated a great deal in the innovation research of the architectonic plan on a Greek-cross, with the harmonious elegant solution for the church of S.Maria delle Carceri in Prato (1485); at the same time he worked at the grandiose project for the Palazzo dei Tribunali in Naples (circa 1490). For the king of Naples, Sangallo projected the same kind of a great palace, as well as he did for the king of France. The artists participated in the construction of St. Peter's together with Raphael after the death of Bramante in 1514, and in the project for the church of San Lorenzo in Florence.

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