Sansovino (1460-1529) (Andrea Contucci)

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Andrea Contucci, named Sansovino, Italian sculptor and architect, was born and died in Monte San Savino, Arezzo, in 1460-1529. He was probably a pupil of Antonio Pollaiolo, and was active first in Florence: altar of Sacramento (Cappella Corbinelli, Chiesa di S.Spirito); in Fiesole: altar Ferrucci (Cathedral). In 1491 he was invited to Portugal by Lorenzo de'Medici, where remained until 1501: Porta Speciosa (Cathedral, Coimbra), Chiesa della Concezione (Tomar). Afterwards he worked in Volterra (font of Cathedral), in Florence (Baptism of Christ, eastern door of Baptistery), in Rome (Tomb of Sforza (1505) and tomb of Girolamo Basso (1507) in Chiesa di S.Maria del Popolo, Madonna with the Child and St Anna in Chiesa di S.Agostino (1512), mausoleum of Pietro Manzi in S.Maria in Aracoeli (1504)), in Loreto (1513, Sanctuary, relieves dedicated to the Life of Virgin for the Santa Casa).

Among Sansovino's works in architecture are noted the cloister of S.Agostino (Monte San Savino), and staircase of bishop's residence (Arezzo).

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