Sant'Onofrio al Gianicolo Church (Tasso Monument & Tassian Museum)

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Sant'Onofrio al Gianicolo Church (Tasso Monument & Tassian Museum)

The Chiesa di Sant'Onofrio al Gianicolo (Church of Sant'Onofrio al Gianicolo)/ Convento e chiostro di Sant'Onofrio (Monastery and cloister of Sant'Onofrio) were founded by Blessed Nicolas da Forca Palena in 1419 and restored by Pius IX in 1857. A L-shaped Renaissance portico (pictured below) connects the church and monastery. By the convent entrance is the tomb of the founder.
outside stairs and column of Sant'Onofrio al Gianicolo Church, Piazza di Sant'Onofrio, rome

The interior of the church is rich of decorations by A.Romano, Domenichino, G.B.Ricci and Ag.Carracci. Here is the tomb of cardinal G.G.Mezzofanti, who could speak 50 or 60 languages.

The Monastery now is occupied by American friars of the Atonement, has a charming 15th century cloister, with frescoes of the life of St Onophrius, by C.D'Arpino, Sebastiano Strada and Claudio Ridolfi. The inside is quite dark and has a single nave with cross vaults, sided by columns and ending with an apse, all decorated by frescoes by Domenichino and other important artists.
slopes down Salita di S.Onofrio, rome
Right in front of the entrance bar to the church slopes down Salita di S.Onofrio (see pictured above), one of the two streets leading from the river- side to Janiculum. On the left of it there is long line of inhabited houses, but on the right stands Conservatorio Torlonia for the orphans, founded by St Vincent Pallotti in 1835 and sponsored by the members of Torlonia family. Now this building is abandoned. To the Conservatorio belonged also Istituto S.Dorotea, standing infront of the Hospital Bambin Gesu'. Before it the building was a part of Villa Barberini on Janiculum Hill.
Sant'Onofrio Monastery, Rome
Here one finds the monument to Tasso and the museum with his memories. It also embodies a fountain from the 1800s.

The Museo Tassiano (Tassian Museum) contains the Torquato Tasso's (1544-1595) death mask, mementoes, and editions and translations of his work. The guardianship over St Onophrius is lead by the equestrian order of S.Sepolcro di Gerusalemme. This Museum was inaugurated in 1939 in the rooms of the Convent of Sant’Onofrio at the Janiculum, managed by the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem. The poet died in this building on April 25 1595. His tomb is in the chapel of the church. The Museum keeps relics of the poet such as the urn that contained his ashes for many years, a letter in his own hand, and personal objects including a crucifix and an ancient ceramic. Ancient editions of La Gerusalemme Liberata (Jerusalem delivered) and of other works by the poet are also exhibited in showcases.

Sant'Onofrio al Gianicolo Church (Tasso Monument & Tassian Museum)
Piazza di Sant'Onofrio, 2 (Vicolo di Sant'Onofrio, 2)
00165, Rome, Lazio, Italy
Zone: Rione Trastevere (Gianicolo) (Roma centro)
Sant'Onofrio al Gianicolo Church (Tasso Monument & Tassian Museum) is Shown By "Map G Zone" As "3"
Bus: 870
Sant'Onofrio al Gianicolo Church Hours: Open 07:30 am-01: 30pm. Closed in August. Mass times: Holidays: 10:00-12:00, Weekdays: 07:00. During the celebration of Holy Mass is not possible to visit the church.
Museo Tassiano (Tassian Museum) Hours: Visit by appointment only. During the holidays group visits cost € 35,00 - 25,00.
Contact - Chiesa di Sant'Onofrio al Gianicolo/ Church of Sant'Onofrio al Gianicolo
Telephone: 0039 06 6864498
Fax: 0039 06 6893404
Contact - Museo Tassiano (Tassian Museum)
Telephone: 0039 06 6828121
Fax: 0039 06 68802298

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