Saraceni, Carlo (1580-1620)

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Carlo Saraceni, Italian painter, was born and died in Venice in 1580-1620. In 1600 he went to Rome, where became a pupil of C.Mariani passing through a classicist school: Venus and Mars (Lugano, Cill,Thyssen). But his northern origins brought him to A.Elsheimer and O.Gentileschi. In the beginning he was creating paintings of reduced size with the Biblical and mythological scenes and vast landscapes (Naples, Gall.Naz. di Capodimonte; Bergamo, Acc.Carrara). Later he dedicated himself to the paintings of bigger dimensions, using the Caravaggio's elements: Death of Virgin (S.Maria della Scala), Preaching of St Raimond (1614, S.Maria della Mercede), Riposo nella fuga in Egitto (Frascati, Sacro eremo dei padri camaldolesi (1606)), Miracle of S.Benno and Martyrdom of S.Lamberto (1617-1618, S.Maria dell'Anima), Judith with the head of Olofern (Vienna, Kunsthistorisches Mus.), Madonna with Child and St Anna (Rome, Gall.Corsini). After return to Venice in 1619 he received official commissions: Sala del Maggior Consiglio in Palazzo Ducale, and private orders: Death of Virgin, Ecstasy of St Francis (Monaco, Alte Pin.), works in collaboration with J.Le Clerc his French pupil and friend: Annunciation (Venice, S.Giustina).

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