Second-Hand Large and small markets in Rome

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Second-Hand Large and small markets in Rome, Italy

Until just a few years Porta Portese was the only second-hand market in Rome. This huge and wonderful market of second-hand and collector's items is famous both in Italy and abroad. Many smaller open-air markets have sprung up in the city, in squares and neighborhoods. There are also important antiques and collector's fairs.

For lovers of antique furniture and old objects there is the renowned Ponte Milvio market, which takes place on the first Sunday of every month. Lace, fine materials and cushions can be found at the "Paradise del signor" which is held in the rooms of the Grand Hotel Beverly Hills in Largo Benedetto Marcello.

Fans of vinyl and old record players should go to the "Mercatino di Anna e Eva" which is held from six in the afternoon until midnight in the ex magazine general (ex-general warehouses) in the Ostiense district, where there is a real chance of picking up some rare 45s.

For those on the look out for designer clothes there's "Il Rengo dell'usato chic" (The Kingdom of Second-hand Chic) at the Hotel American Palace in the Eur district. This is an exhibition-market which specialises in clothes, accessories and jewellery. This is just a small selection from the many second-hand markets which are now held in the capital. You'll either love this most famous of all the large markets in Rome or you'll hate it. It's a 'mercato delle pulci' - flea market - and has taken place every Sunday morning since the end of World War II, on and around the Viale di Trastevere in the Trastevere district.

For those living in Italy there are household goods, spare car parts, second-hand clothes, kitchen equipment - even budgies! Prices range from €1 for a keyring to hundreds for furniture. Expensive boutiques can be found around the Piazza Di Spagna, while the via Del Governo Vecchio is a good place to look for second-hand clothes shops and jewelery. At the top of the Spanish steps is a delightful and less crowded shopping street, Via Sistina.

Here are some list of Second-Hand Large and small markets in the capital

Garage Sale - Rigattieri per hobby (Borghetto Flaminio)
Piazza della Marina, 32, Rome
This lively and fun secondhand market offers a stall to anyone wanting to sell their goods. There are experts on hand to advise on the quality of merchandise and appropriate pricing. In this market you can find all the clothes, music CDs, books and costume jewelry, old towels, vinyl records and more. You can reach the market from Termini metro A in direction Battistini. Please get off at Flaminio and walk about 550 meters.
Open: Every Sunday,

Porta Portese - Via di Porta Portese, Rome
This is Rome's biggest and most famous market, where you can find practically anything you can possibly need. Every Sunday morning the square fills up with crowds of people who browse the several acres of new and secondhand mechandise, all searching for a bargain.
Open: Sunday - 05:00 to 14:00

Via Sannio Market - Rome, Italy
Situated under the Aurelian walls, this market is the place to find a large selection of both new and secondhand clothes - and also some camping goods. Mornings from 07:00 in Via Sannio - second hand clothes and accessories. 7 days a week.

Mercato delle Stampe
Largo della Fontanella di Borghese.
8.00 AM to 7.00 PM
This market is a veritable haven for lovers of old prints, books (both genuine antiquarian and less-exalted second-hand), magazines and other printed ephemera. The quality varies, but it is a good deal more specialized than the banche or stalls near Termini station which area more obvious tourist trap. Italian-speaking collectors can enjoy a field day leafing through back issues of specialist magazines. Other visitors might prefer the wonderful selection of illustrated art books and old prints of Rome. It is a good place to pick up that Piranesi print of your favorite Roman vista, ruin or church – but be prepared to bargain hard.

Fashion al Tiberio
Grand hotel Tiberio -Via Lattanzio 51
Second-hand market. About 50 stalls with accessories like silk foulards, pashminas, pochettes, earrings and even shoes. And then clothes (also by famous stylists like Giorgio Armani, Dolce e Gabbana, Roberto Cavalli), and handicrafts like embroidered bags and costume jewellery.
Info 338/8645063.

Il mercato di Conca d’oro (The market of Conca d'Oro)
Via Conca d'oro (crossing the Ponte delle Valli) from 09.00 to 20.00
Every Saturday and Sunday
n this market you can find all sorts of objects, models, new and used clothes, shoes for children, arts and crafts stalls and in some you can also taste traditional specialties ciociare, Basilicata and Sicily. The marketplace can be reached from Termini station take the 90 in the direction of Largo Labia. Get off at Tirreno / Simplon and take bus number 86 and get off at Val di Cogne, and then a walk of about 50 meters.

Il rigattiere
Viale Ignazio Silone VII Ponte (Ignazio Silone VII Avenue Bridge)
This flea market is permanent. There you can find furniture and various objects but you can also sell your furniture to exhibitors who are always looking for special items and furniture of all kinds. You can reach this market from Termini metro B direction Laurentina. Down the line and go to stop Laurentina / Africa to take the 776 towards Pandolfo. Get off at Silone / Lucini and take a walk about 150 meters.

Il paradiso delle signore- Rome Cavalieri Hilton Hotel
Via Alberto Cadlolo, 101 136 Rome, Italy - 06 35091
Every first Sunday of every month
a variety of items used and vintage chic. Ingresso libero dalle 10.30 alle 20.00. Free entry from 10.30 to 20.00. To reach the market, from Termini, take the Metro A direction Battistini and get off at Lepanto, from there take the 913 direction and get off at station Montemario Gold Medals / Romagnoli, of them are 500 meters on foot.

Tiburtino - Nomentano Rome Ringroad exit 13
Antique trade curiosities, collecting, second-hand market

Porta Portese - Quarter of Trastevere
Piazza San Cosimato (Trastevere), Rome
Second-hand market - a little of everything.
Each Sunday

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I mercati dell'usato (second-hand markets):

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