Spagna (circa 1450-1528)

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Giovanni di Pietro, named Spagna, Italian painter, was born in Spain in circa 1450 and died in Spoleto in 1528. His presence in Perugia was documented from the end of the 15th century. He was one of the most faithful pupils of Perugino: Nativita' (Berlin, Staatl.Mus.); Incoronazione di Maria (Todi, Pin.); frescoes (Trevi, San Marino). Later he was influenced by Raphael: Madonna e santi (Spoleto, Pin.); Deposizione (1520, Trevi, S.Maria delle Lacrime); Miracoli di San Giacomo (1526-1527, Spoleto, San Giacomo), but maintained the old style and a calm and rich language of chromatic fineness.

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