The Stadium of Domitian - Piazza Navona In Rome

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ancient Stadium of Domitian In Rome, Italy

Piazza Navona preserves the shape and dimensions of the ancient Stadium built in Emperor Domitian's time, theatre of athletic games of the "Certamen Capitolino" consisting of athletic sports, musical competitions and horse-races which emperor Domitian started in 86 A.D. in Jove's honour. In the 1930's, part of the turn belonging to the Stadium and corresponding to the triumphal entrance of the athletes, was brought to light 5-6 metres below the street .

At the center of the long sides there were two entrances. A third entrance was at the center of the curved side. Their impressive structures are still visible under the INA Palace, in Piazza di Tor Sanguigna. The stadium could hold about thirty thousand spectators and was decorated with statues and marble groups. Pasquino that is the most famous Roman talking statue was probably one of the marblegroups that actually represents Menelaus supporting Patroclus.

Piazza Navona
Fig: Piazza Navona

Stadio di Domiziano (The Stadium of Domitian)
Piazza Navona (Piazza di Tor Sanguigna, 13)
00186, Rome, Lazio, Italy
Zone: Rione Ponte (Via Coronari-Ponte Vittorio) (Roma centro)/ Rione Parione (Navona-Campo de' Fiori) (Roma centro)
Stadio di Domiziano (The Stadium of Domitian) is Shown By "Map H Zone" As "49"
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Bus: 70 - 81 - 87 - 116 - 116T - 186 - 492 - 628 - 204 (fest)

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