Subleyras, Pierre (1699-1749)

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Pierre Subleyras, French painter, was born in Saint-Gilles-du-Sard in 1699 and died in Rome in 1749. The period of his artistic formation was spent in Toulouse and in Paris, when in 1728 he moved to Rome and conducted here intensive and fortunate activity of portraitist: Benedict XIV (Chantilly, Mus.), L'abbadessa Battistina Vernasca (Montpellier, Mus.Fabre). His works are characterized by solid classicism with the mixed French and Italian modes of painting. Subleyras depicted also the little scenes and altar halls: Crocifissione e santi (Milan, Brera); Miracolo di San Benedetto (1744, Rome, S.Francesca Romana).

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