Teatro Argentina (Argentina Theatre) In Largo di Torre Argentina

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Teatro Argentina (Argentina Theatre) In Largo di Torre Argentina

The Teatro Argentina, owned by the noble Sforza Cesarini family, was opened on 13th January 1732 with Domenico Sarro's opera Berenice. The spot on which the Teatro Argentina stands, however, has a much more ancient history. Indeed, it was once the site of the great senate hall, known as the Curia Pompeii, where Julius Caesar was assassinated and which his adopted son, Augustus, therefore ordered to be walled up.

It is the only 18th century Roman theatre survived in its original form: untouched was the structure and equipment of the scene. It was built by G.Theodoli in 1733 for duke Sforza Cesarini, on the territory of ex convent of Farfa monks. In 1826 it was restored and modified by Pietro Holl (banal neo-classic facade with the dedication "Alle arti di Tersicore, Melpomene e Talia", muses of dancing and singing, tragedy and comedy), by Gioacchino Ersoch in 1887, and by M.Piacentini in 1926. The final modernization took place in 1971.
outer view of Teatro Argentina (Argentina Theatre in In Largo di Torre Argentina
The property passed to the Torlonia in 1843 and in 1869 to the Commune of Rome. At present here is a Stable Theatre with 2,000 seats. Adjoining the theater is a beautiful and very popular Cafe' located on two floors with the theatrical decorations and wooden ceiling.

The Museum of the Argentina Theatre is located in the attic of the Museum and was founded in 1973. It exhibits stage costumes, marionettes, and masks coming from different Italian regions, photographic reproductions of materials kept in other collections, fragments of wall decorations, preparatory studies for curtains, posters, and drawings.
inside the Teatro Argentina (Argentina Theatre) In Largo di Torre Argentina

The Restoration of the Teatro Argentina (Argentina Theatre)

The original auditorium was designed by the architect Theodoli in 1732. Its geometric form and the arrangement of its boxes remain unchanged, although it has undergone extensive remodeling over the last two and a half centuries including the most recent restoration of 1993 by Paolo Portoghesi. This restoration was strictly limited to the changes necessary in order to render the theatre usable, which included covering the boxes, seats and external access aisles, replacing the fabric with plasterwork and restoring the doors - rimmed with anodized aluminum in a style modeled after doors in ship cabins - to their traditional classical form. The change in coverings allowed the original red to be restored (replacing the orange of the 1970 restoration), and the valances of the boxes also resumed their festoon shape. The restoration of the colour red immediately highlighted the contrast between the auditorium, the stage and the boxes which Proust described as "small suspended parlours". The gilding's regained their lustre and the green tone of the ceiling rediscovered its original purpose as an element of tonal balance. More recently, the Piacentinian floors of the ticket office and lobby have also been restored."

Teatro Argentina (Argentina Theatre) In Largo di Torre Argentina
Largo di Torre Argentina, 52
00186, Rome, Lazio, Italy
Zone: Rione Pigna (Torre Argentina) (Roma centro)
Teatro Argentina (Argentina Theatre) In Largo di Torre Argentina is Shown By "Map E Zone" As "116"
Transportation: Getting Largo di Torre Argentina
Box Office Hours: Open 10:00-14:00 15:00-19:00 20:00-22:00 Closed Monday
Telephone: Centralino: 0039 06 6840001 Botteghino: 0039 06 684000311
Telephone reservation: Abbonati CartaTeatro 06 684000345 lun-ven ore 10.00-17.00
Email: i...@teatrodiroma.net
Buy Ticket Online: http://www.amitsrl.it/ or http://www.helloticket.it/
Teatro Argentina (Argentina Theatre) Website: http://www.teatrodiroma.net/

Museo del Teatro Argentina (Argentina Theatre Museum) Contact and Hours:
Open by appointment only. Closed: August. Open to organized groups by reservation only.
Tickets: Adults: € 3,00, Concessions: € 2,00. Please note: The price of the ticket does not include guided tours organized by Cultural Associations.
Telephone: 06 67106018/7
Booking required: Groups: tel. +39 060608 (daily from 9.00 am to 9.00 pm); Schools: tel. +39 0642888888 (Monday-Friday: 9.00 am - 6.00 pm; Saturday: 9.00 am- 1.00 pm).
Email: isab...@comune.roma.it

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