Tempietto Concerts and Classical Music

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The Tempietto Concerts - Music Festival of the Nation (Concerti del tempietto - Festival musicale delle nazioni) and Classical music in the archeological park of the teatro di marcello:

At the ruins of the ancient Teatro Marcello and the quirky Casino Civetta on the grounds of the Villa Torlonia in Rome's Nomentana district, two overlapping series of chamber concerts and piano recitals. Musical festival in the Archeological Park of the Teatro di Marcello, next to the Capitol Hill. The Teatro di Marcello is located in the heart of Rome, in one of the most fascinating places in the world. The theatre was built by Emperor Augustus in order to honour the memory of his favourite nephew, Marcellus. It is in this context and in the surrounding archeological area that the Musical Festival “Notti Romane al Teatro di Marcello” take place. The Musical Festival “Notti Romane al Teatro di Marcello” has been very successful in the past years: it will bring together once more shows, music and ancient latin and greek poetry in an area where, already 20 centuries ago, games, rites and plays were performed. The Musical Festival is part of the global organization of the Estate Romana (roman summer) and is sponsored not only by the City of Rome, but also by the most important embassies in Rome, various prestigious cultural centres, academies, music schools and conservatoires. The Festival will introduce Italian and foreign artists, with a great variety of repertories. The Festival takes place in a context where every character of ancient and modern history has left a trace: this makes the atmosphere very special.

Via del Teatro di Marcello, 44 – Rome
Bookings: +39 06 87 13 15 90; +39 348 780 43 14
fax +39 06 233 226 360
e-mail: temp...@tiscali.it

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