Tempio Di (Temple of) Minerva Medica - Horti

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Inside wall of Tempio Di (Temple of) Minerva Medica - Horti

This temple took the name from the statue of Minerva with the snake, symbol of medicine, which was found here; but originally it was probably a construction remained from the Horti Liciniani, dating from the 4th century. The diameter of this decagon edifice is 25m, and its semi-spherical ceiling dropped down in 1828. There is a large brick building in Via Giolitti in the Esquilino quarter next to the Roma-Pantano urban railroad line, consisting of a hall covered with a dome having a plan of twelve sides (dodecagon). Each side, except for the entrance one, presents a semicircular niche.

Tempio Di (Temple of) Minerva Medica - Horti, Rome - Image 1
There are ten large windows in the walls of the hall. This was one of the most admirable classic structures, as for the sense of space, as for the sense of movement of the architecture. Nevertheless, there was no any zone around it, created to give respect to this rare example of classic epoch.
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The building can be dated back to the fourth century A.D. and is identified as a nymphaeum (monumental fountain) that was part of the complex of the Horti Liciniani, a large villa that was named after Emperor Licinius Gallienus (260-268 A.D.). Several statues were found in the area during excavations performed in the nineteenth century, including one of the goddess Minerva that gave the name to the building.

Tempio Di (Temple of) Minerva Medica - Horti
Via Giovanni Giolitti, 100
00185, Rome, Lazio, Italy
Zone: Rione Esquilino (Termini-Via Nazionale) (Roma centro)
Tempio Di (Temple of) Minerva Medica - Horti is Shown By "Map F Zone" As "34"
Bus: 71 Roma Pantano Railway
Note: The monument is closed until further notice.

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