Testaccio Bridge (Ponte Testaccio)

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This bridge was unveiled in 1948 and served mostly for the connection of the other side of the river with the Mattatoio (Slaughter-house constructions) and Mercato delle carni (Market of meat), not existing anymore. That is why the bridge lost its former importance now. It is 122m long and 32 m wide.

Testaccio Bridge (Ponte Testaccio)
Ponte Testaccio connects the Tiber embankment having its same name with the Portuense Quarter through a single reinforced concrete arch. It was thefirst bridge to be inaugurated after the end of the war although the need for it had been already emphasized by the Fascist Regime that had planned to build a bridge called "Africa" connecting the Trastevere Station with the Mattatoio (Abattoir) and the Aventino Quarter. The project was assigned to Ingegner Bastianelli in 1937, but the works were stopped during the war, like many other works in that period, and resumed only in 1947, when Professor Krallwas assigned the task of rebuilding it. More about: Testaccio

Testaccio Bridge (Ponte Testaccio)
Lungotevere Testaccio
00153, Rome, Lazio, Italy
Zone: Rione Testaccio (Roma centro)
Testaccio Bridge (Ponte Testaccio) is Shown By "Map J Zone" As "49"

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