Tibaldi, Pellegrino (1527-1596)

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Pellegrino Tibaldi, named Pellegrini, Italian architect, painter and sculptor, was born in Puria in Valsolda, Como in 1527 and died in Milan 1596. From the very beginning he was influenced by art of Michelangelo, P.del Vaga, B.Peruzzi, G.Romano, S.Serlio. During a long sojourn in Rome in 1548-1553 he received the first important orders: Adoration of shepherds (1549, Rome, Gall. Borghese); decoration of Sala Paolina and Sala di Apollo (Castel S.Angelo, 1550-53).

In 1554 Tibaldi was invited by cardinal Poggi to decorate his family palace with the Storie di Ulisse, reconstruction and decoration of the family chapel in Chiesa di S.Gioacomo Maggiore (1555, both in Bologna).

After the short stays in Ancona (construction and fresco decoration of Loggia dei Mercanti) and in Loreto, Tibaldi moved to Milan in 1561, where he became the main character in the reform of the religious architecture. In 1567 being the chief architect of the Cathedral in Milan (Duomo di Milano), he projected reconstruction of presbytery, various altars, decoration of pavement and of the facade. Here he also built the Jesuit Chiesa di S.Fedele (1568), Chiesa di S.Sebastiano, Chiesa di S.Carlo al Lazzaretto. In 1564 was executed Collegio Borromeo in Pavia, and in 1565 the courtyard of the arch-bishop's residence (Milan).

Together with the projects for the Chiesa di S.Gaudenzio (Novara) and Chiesa di SS.Martiri (Turin), Tibaldi definitely influenced the Lombardian architecture. In 1586 he was invited by king Filippo II in Spain, where participated in decoration of the Escorial (Storie della vita della Vergine in the lower cloister, and frescoes on the vault of the library (1588-95). The works executed in the last period of his life in Milan are unknown.

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