Torre (Tower) delle Milizie in Via Quattro Novembre

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Torre (Tower) delle Milizie in Via Quattro Novembre

The origins of this tower are not known, as well as the origins of its name, but it could be supposed that it had something to do with some military functions or with a kind of ancient police called "milizie". The tower is in Via Quattro Novembre, in the area between the church of S. Caterina and the complex of the Mercati di Traiano.

The legend says that emperor Nero watched from here the fire of Rome enjoying it and singing sons. Nevertheless, the tower is much more recent. Its present look derives from 1227-41, when it was rebuilt by the Caetani on the basement of the guard tower incorporated in ancient Republican walls. Later it passed to the Conti, and later still to the Annibaldi. In the 16th century Vittoria Colonna, according to an advice of Michelangelo, included the tower in the convent of Dominicans, which was built beside it in 1563. The construction was several times stroke with the lightning and lost the upper floor due to a earthquake of 1348. At present it is slightly inclined, especially due to the destruction of the convent in 1924. The tower is 51meters high.

The enlargement of the adjacent Church of S. Caterian in 1628, caused further damages to the tower as reported on an inscription walled up inside the ground floor. In 1914, some restoration and consolidation works were made by A. Munow and since 1927 is part of the complex of the Mercati di Traiano (Trajan's Market) - Imperial Forum Museum (Museo dei Fori Imperiali).

Torre (Tower) delle Milizie in Via Quattro Novembre
Via 4 Novembre
00187, Rome, Lazio, Italy
Zone: Rione Trevi (Quirinale-Tritone-Barberini) (Roma centro)
Torre (Tower) delle Milizie in Via Quattro Novembre is Shown By "Map E Zone" As "140"

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