Vaga, Perin del (1501-1547) Pietro Bonaccorsi

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Pietro Bonaccorsi, named Perin del Vaga, Italian painter, was born in Florence in 1501 and died in Rome in 1547. Being young he studied and worked in the Florentine workshop of Ridolfo Ghirlandaio with the teacher named Vaga. In 1517 he went to Rome and started working in the workshop of Raphael, participating in decoration of Loggia in Vatican. He was a helper of Giovanni da Udine in frescoing of Sala dei pontefici in Vatican. On his own he executed the decoration of the hall in Palazzo Baldassini (1520-22) and the Pieta' in Chiesa di S.Stefano del Cacco.
In 1523 he returned to Florence, running away from plague, where made friendship with Rosso Fiorentino and executed an admirable design of 10,000 Martyrs (lost). A year later he returned to Rome and frescoed Cappella Pucci in Chiesa della Trinita' dei Monti.

In 1527 Perin was invited by Andrea Doria to decorate his Palace of Fassolo in Genoa, where he also executed numerous altarpieces and designs for the tapestries (Dei a grottesche).

In 1536 he came back to Rome and received important orders from the papal court: decoration of Sala Paolina and other halls in Castel Sant'Angelo, frescoes in Chiesa di S.Marcello. Vitality and elegance of his style, made Perin del Vaga one of the characters of the mannerism with a big number of followers in Rome and Genoa.

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