Vatican Museum's Pinacoteca (Picture/Painting Gallery), Vatican City, Rome

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Vatican Museum's, Vatican City, Rome

Vatican's Pinacoteca, Musei Vaticani / Vatican Museum's Pinacoteca (Picture/Painting Gallery) was founded by Pius VI. The present building in the Lombardic Renaissance style, by L.Beltrami, was unveiled in 1932. Under the Treaty of Tolentino (1797) the best works were transferred to France by Napoleon, but 77 were recovered in 1815.

schema pinacoteca
Vatican Museum's Pinacoteca (Picture/Painting Gallery)

460 Paintings
The idea of an art gallery, understood in the modern sense as an exhibition open to the public, was only born in 1817 after the fall of Napoleon and the consequent return to the Church State of a large part of the works belonging to it, according to the directions of the Congress of Vienna. The collection continued to grow over the years through donations and purchases until it reached the current nucleus of 460 paintings, distributed among the eighteen rooms on the basis of chronology and school, from the so-called Primitives (12th-13th century) to the 19th century.

Useless to speak about all the masterpieces exposed in Pinacoteca, here are given only 4 examples.

polittico stefaneschi giotto
polittico stefaneschi giotto

The Stefaneschi Triptych, by Giotto and assistants (pictured above). This altarpiece for the Confessio of Old St Peter's painted on both sides, represents Christ enthroned, the martyrdom of Saints Peter and Paul (at the foot of the throne is the donor, cardinal Stefaneschi).

The largest room in the gallery is devoted to the works of Raphael. It contains three of his most famous paintings, two predellas, and ten tapestries made from his original cartoons.

raffaello trasfigurazio
raffaello trasfigurazio

See on the abbove image: The Transfiguration, Master's last work. It was commissioned in 1517 by cardinal Giuliano de'Medici for the cathedral of Narbonne. From 1523 to 1809 it was in the church of San Pietro in Montorio. It was restored in 1972-77. The scene of the transfiguration of Christ is shown above the dramatic episode of the healing of the young man possessed of a devil. It is not known how much of the painting had been finished by the time of Raphael's death in 1520, and, although the composition is Raphael's, the lower part of it was probably completed by his pupils G.Romano and F.Penni.

s. girolamol.da vinci
St Jerome (by L.Da Vinci)
clemente ix carlo maratta
Clement IX (by C.Maratta)
Raphael's Circumcision
Raphael's Circumcision at Vatican's Pinacoteca, Vatican Museums

Vatican's Pinacoteca/ Vatican Museum's Pinacoteca (Picture/Painting Gallery)
Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel
Viale Vaticano, 97
00120, Città del Vaticano, Vatican City
00165 Rome, Italy
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Subway: Cipro-Musei Vaticani (445 m W), Metro: A
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Always in the circuit of the Vatican Museums are also open to the public the following museums: the Palazzetto del Belvedere, the Ladies’ Room, the Room of the Immaculate Conception, Raphael’s rooms, la Chiaroscuri room the Niccolina Chapel, Borgia’s Apartment, the Sistine Hall, the Room of the Aldobrandine’s Wedding, and, above all, the real masterpiece of the Museums: the Sistine Chapel.

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