Via Venti Settembre (Via 20 Settembre)

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Via Venti Settembre (Via 20 Settembre)

Via Venti Settembre (Via 20 Settembre) street is located in the historical heart of Rome, between Porta Pia and Via Veneto, not far walking from central Termini Station, Spanish Steps, Villa Borghese and from the main tourist sites.

Before the famous event happened on September 20, 1870 when Rome was adjoined to Italy and became its capital, all the tract of the street was called Via Pia (from Pius IV who rearranged it in the middle of the 16th century). Now it is divided into two streets: Via del Quirinale (the part passing along the Palazzo del Quirinale) and Via XX Settembre. The interest for this street was born from the necessity to improve the zone of Termini, considered to be one of the worst in the city in the epoch of Pius IV (and now as well). Sixtus V continued to take care of the zone and the street due to creation of his own "Villa a Termini", and for the works intensified by him in the Palazzo del Quirinale and the square in front of it. The same Sixtus V had the great Mostra dell'Acqua Felica (the fountain with the Acqua Felice) erected on the angle of Via Pia in direction of Termini, which determined the new perspective for the palaces, villas and convents of the zone.
Via Venti Settembre (Via 20 Settembre), Between Porta Pia and Via Veneto, Rome
The original design was to have the water of the Acqua Felice gush out onto a great triumphal arch. However, the fountain soon became known as the Fountain of Moses because of the huge statue of Moses made by Leonardo Sormani that was placed inside the central arch. This Moses is very different from Michelangelo's statue made just a few years earlier. The Romans hated it and made it the object of criticism and derision.

The day's events are memorialized throughout Italy in the via XX Settembre in virtually every town of any size. Rome and the region of Lazio were annexed to the Kingdom of Italy after a plebiscite. The Leonine City, including the Vatican, seat of the Pope, was occupied on September 21. The Italian government had intended to let the Pope keep the Leonine City, but the Pope would not agree to give up his claims to a broader territory.

The Via Pia, the road departing from Porta Pia, was rechristened Via XX Settembre (September 20). Subsequently, in numerous Italian cities the name Venti Settembre was given to the main road leading to the local Cathedral.

Via Venti Settembre (Via 20 Settembre)
Between Porta Pia and Via Veneto
00187, Rome, Lazio, Italy
Zone: Rione Trevi (Quirinale-Tritone-Barberini) (Roma centro)
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Getting Via Venti Settembre (Via 20 Settembre)

From Airports:

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From the Train Station (Termini Station):

By Car/ Taxi:
From the motorway exit at Roma Nord to the GRA (Grande Raccordo Anulare). Take the exit n.°11 Via Nomentana, city centre direction. Follow on the same way to Piazza Porta Pia, to ahed the famous Porta Pia and go through via XX Settembre.

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