Villa Ada, Rome

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Villa Ada park, rome

It was acquired by the Savoy House for the hunting in the end of the 19th century. Victor Emmanuel III had chosen it as a private residence (now occupied by Egyptian embassy); and B.Mussolini was arrested here on July 25, 1943. Nearly the half of the Villa belongs now to the Italian State and is open to public. Recently, a beautiful artificial lake was realized in one of its valleys.

Villa Ada is a gorgeous park located about a seven-minute walk behind Villa Borghese, just two blocks beyond the American Embassy Residence in Parioli. The beauty of Villa Ada is its savage untamed forest, which leads to the manicured lawns surrounding the lake filled with large jumping fish. A run around the perimeter of Villa Ada will reveal the stately Egyptian Embassy, a horseback riding course and stable, winding paths that lose you in its wilderness, a few lakes, places to climb, a children’s playground, a natural outdoor gym made of wood and lots of green grass to lay in. There are many places around the world that may be considered paradise, but Villa Ada is the kind of paradise that you can access everyday.
beautiful artificial lake, Villa Ada, Rome

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Villa Ada
Via Salaria, 237, 00199 Roma, Italy
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Nearby Hotel: Hotel Villa Ada
Via di Ponte Salario, 47, 00199 Roma, Italy
Tel: +39 06 4173 4712, Web:

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